WordPress. What Is It and Why Is It Good?

If you’ve been around the web for a while you’ve probably heard of, or at least stumbled upon a site using WordPress as its backend platform. WordPress was once just meant to be used as a simple blogging platform. Originally it pretty much just allowed users to quickly and easily setup a blog to begin publishing their stories on the web and have a voice. The features were pretty much limited to this type of functionality and didn’t allow for much customization without complicated programming or plug-in’s.

Fast forward a few years and WordPress has now released version 3.0 which allows for a vast amount of customizations and abilities that even some commercial content management systems don’t have support for, or cost expensive fees to enable. This makes WordPress a very robust option for any website, especially since it can be customized to match any brand or design already set in place.

Themes for WordPress are available and can be customized in a pinch, but we recommend going with a custom design to set your business or website apart to the visitor. Flewid can help with the design and development of your site and convert it into a standards compliant, valid XHTML/CSS structure. This ensures you will be visible to search engines, and they will be happy with the results their web-spiders return to them.

Along with the base WordPress installation there is also thousands of plug-ins available that add and extend the functionality of the basic program. The additional plug-ins allow for such things as extended search engine optimization per page or post, sitemap submission to the important search engines, and Twitter and Facebook tools that allow your site to efficiently link to all the social networks out there.

Using this type of tool for your business will allow it to be developed quickly and efficiently. This means that your site will be launched quicker, which also means your business will rapidly have more pages and posts available for the search engines to index. This means you will rank quicker, and nearer to the top than many other platforms.

With a strong community backing and a plethora of information available on the Internet about WordPress there is bound to be a solution to any problem thrown at it. That’s why Flewid has been using WordPress for over 5 years and doesn’t plan on moving to any other platform soon.

Why don’t you give us a call today to find out what WordPress and Flewid can do for your business and search marketing opportunities.

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