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Siam Bistro – Exotic Thai Cuisine

In my opinion this is one of the best, if not these best Thai restaurants in the Ottawa Region. Read on for some pictures and my thoughts on the food. 

1268 Wellington Street West
Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 3A5
Monday–Friday 11:30am–2pm 
Monday–Sunday 5pm–10pm

This restaurant is absolutely great. Every time I’ve been there it’s been pretty packed with other Thai food lovers. The atmosphere is really good too, sometimes the lighting is a bit high for my tastes, but other times it’s a nice dim lighting, while still being lit well enough to eat. 

The decor is traditional Thai decor you’d see in a lot of restaurants in the area. It looks very clean, and service is super speedy on most occasions. 

They even have a nice little waiting room at the entrance that you can wait in if it’s rainy or snowy outside. 

Anyway, now onto some pictures and the review of the spice level. 


For the App we had Poa Pia Goong Tood (Spring rolls stuffed with shrimp & served with a sweet sauce). These tasted very traditional to me, and were not spicy at all. Taste was great, and cost ($9.50) for the amount you get was a good deal. 


This is where Siam Bistro really shines. Being a fan of spicy food it’s really hard to find traditional foods that are actually spicy. I find that often the ‘5 star’ or even ’10 star’ is barely spicy at all for my tastes. Siam Bistro definitely stands out when it comes to this.

It’s not often that I can sweat, and sometimes have a runny nose eating food. Which, as a lot of us spice afficionatoes know means it’s proper spicy. 

Often the server will ask if I am sure I want 4 star spice, I usually ask if they can make it a 6 and get an incredulous look. Some of the servers think I’m faking and probably just bring out a 3, but often I believe they do make it a bit extra spicy for me. 

My girlfriend is very sensitive to spicy food, and even their 1 star stuff is too spicy for her to eat if it gives you an idea of how hot the 4 or, 6 star spice is at this place. 

Bottom Line: 

9/10 – I love this place. Sometimes the service is just a tad slow, but otherwise everything else is great and I will eat here again and again and recommend you do too.