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How not to run a datacenter..

Today we’ll have a little lesson in how not to run a datacenter. I was going through my old images from my trip down to the datacenter of a company I used to work for and found these little gems.

Phone in the server

The first photo is clearly the best of them all. Yes ladies and gentlemen, that right there is a LIVE IN USE server (actually, it was one of the major SQL servers if I remember correctly) with a phone sitting INSIDE THE SERVER, and the cables interfering with the fans from running. No Joke, I shit you not, this is how I found the server when I went to the datacenter. I mean, come on, who does things like this?

These next two photos aren’t SO bad, but they just demonstrate the virtues of proper cable management, and not to mention color coding. Could you imagine if someone was like “yeah joe, please remove that grey cable over there” – yeah right!

Crazy Cables Hey Joe! It’s the Grey Cable!

So that concludes our little lesson of the day. If you work for a place that has it’s own datacenter facilities, please make sure you’re not using these guys, which I can’t mention names obviously for contractual reasons or something. Check out your facilities before ever agreeing to work for someone or with someone. Saves a whole lotta trouble in the long run. Trust me!

Rogers Motorola Surfmodem Screencaps

Today my internet connection went down. So, as per usual, I went to my soekris machine, running m0n0wall and located the external interface, and went to renew/release. Upon releasing and renewing, It seemed the cable modem was given the IP of So, I quickly thought “hmm” and opened up a browser. Then I tried to access but I was prompted with a username/password box, which I was not able to guess with about 5 attempts so I quickly gave up.

Then came the interesting part. I decided to try in my browser-bar to see what happened. Low and behold, I was given an interface that required no logins or anything and seems to be an interface to my cable modem. What lies at is still a mystery.

Check the screenshots for what I saw. Interesting to note the cable modem can’t get the date right.

Status Screen

Signal ScreenAddresses Screen

Configuration ScreenLogs Screen

Covert Persuasion Tips and Tricks

Today I finally finished this great book that I’m reading called “Covert Persuasion : Psychological Tactics and Tricks to Win the Game” by Kevin Hogan and James Speakman.

This book is pretty hardcore sales material, but if you run and operate your own business I’d say it’s pretty much required reading. Getting into people’s heads is very hard to do if you don’t have multi-million-dollar budgets like the large companies. You have to rely solely on yourself. People will not buy your product or service, without buying you first. This book gives one all the tactics, tricks, tips, and anecdotes needed to make the most of your personal and business meetings. While it may seem a bit selfish, and self absorbed to focus on the selfish goals, ultimately what does sales come down to? Exactly that. You must convince the client or prospect that what you are giving them is the best and there is no other product or service that matches what you are selling. I don’t mean lying, that would be wrong and unethical, I mean spinning the truth so it is always in your favor (or, in your clients favor).

I won’t go into much detail about this book, because I think you should go out and get a copy of it to read yourself to learn all the points included. I’m not saying this is the be-all-and-end-all of sales tactics books, but it’s definitely worth the addition to your current library.

In the back of the book they include 5 charts they allow to be printed and reprinted for use, and I’ve saved them to PDF and uploaded them here in case anyone wants to download them to use them. Very good stuff in these sheets.

Covert Tips Sheet 1
Covert Tips Sheet 2
Covert Tips Sheet 3
Covert Tips Sheet 4
Covert Tips Sheet 5

Note these were reprinted from the permission in the book and I express no warranty or anything on these PDF’s. There may be spelling mistakes etc, and you will not get rich by simply reading these! Go buy the book already!