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The desk

Here’s my desk in a blurry as hell photo. Enjoy.



New World Record for Sending Camera to Atmosphere? The Great Balloon Chase sends camera up 37.28KM.

A buddy of mine helped to send a camera up this weekend in the Great Balloon Chase. Pretty neat stuff. They may have even beaten a world record, how cool is that.

From the Home Page

An excellent mission where almost everything went right! The prep, launch event, flight and chase could not have gone much better, especially given the weather. This was an excellent team effort.

We reached an altitude of at least 122,323’or 37.28km (not official yet, there are reports of a higher altitude). This surpassed a world record that stood for years before being broken by another group this past summer! To view the track of the balloon:


img 7531-640x480


You can view the map on Google Maps. It will show you the path of the balloon, and the pictures it took along the way.

If you just want to skip right to the pictures, you can also do that 🙂

Great work on this project guys. Love to see stuff like this.