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WordPress. What Is It and Why Is It Good?

If you’ve been around the web for a while you’ve probably heard of, or at least stumbled upon a site using WordPress as its backend platform. WordPress was once just meant to be used as a simple blogging platform. Originally it pretty much just allowed users to quickly and easily setup a blog to begin publishing their stories on the web and have a voice. The features were pretty much limited to this type of functionality and didn’t allow for much customization without complicated programming or plug-in’s.

Fast forward a few years and WordPress has now released version 3.0 which allows for a vast amount of customizations and abilities that even some commercial content management systems don’t have support for, or cost expensive fees to enable. This makes WordPress a very robust option for any website, especially since it can be customized to match any brand or design already set in place.

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Why SEO Impacts your business.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is important to any and every business on the Internet. Even if you have a new domain name, or new business it is imperative that you focus on search engine optimization from the get go to be visible on the top search engines.

The concept is simple, the implementation not so simple. This is where Flewid comes in. We can create a customized solution for your business, keywords and ranking needs. If you can rank on the first page of a search engine, instead of 10 pages in just think of what that will do for your sales or lead generation.

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The worst mistake any affiliate can (and will probably) make.

Get cocky.

Yup. I said it. And on top of that I also admit that it happened to me.

Rewind about to about 2 years ago when I first got into this industry and I kept saying ‘oh, $500 a month while I sleep would be good enough for me’ and I truly meant it – at that time. People kept telling me once I reached that point I would want more, and of course I didn’t believe them.

So much I’ve learned since then.

Once I was up to $500 a month I wanted that to be $1000, then I wanted it to be $3000 and etc. Well eventually I did reach that point and boy was I on flying. I was so happy with myself, spending money left and right, not really working, and just generally having fun with life. It was honestly the best 6+ months of my life. Did way more things than I had in the past, met a lot of new people, travelled to a bunch places and events and so much more.

This all sounds well and good so what’s the problem?


Once I started surpassing the amount of money I wanted to earn per month ‘while I slept’ I basically stopped working, and just partied with friends. Sure, I did a bit of work here and there but nowhere near what was required to keep things a-float.

This ended up with me spending all my profits and not re-investing them in any new or, already successful ventures. Huge fucking mistake.

Classic mistake that probably everyone makes but nobody really wants to admit. We’ve all seen the warnings in forums and on IRC but I think a lot of us refuse to believe it will ‘happen to me’. Well, I’m here to tell you that it does, and probably will.

Let’s face it, when you aren’t making any significant money and then suddenly you’re making quite a bit of money while you sleep it’s pretty fucking fantastic. This makes it very easy to lose sight of the original goal, which for me anyway, is to make enough income passively to live and have fun without having to sit at a computer all the time.

This past month it’s really hit hard, with paying bills becoming troublesome etc. And, I’m basically right back to where I didn’t want to be – grinding 60-70 hours a week at the computer just to get back to where I was originally. Had I stuck with it, I’d probably still be down around 5-7 hours of work a week to attain the same financial benefit.

All in all, great lesson learned. I wish I wouldn’t have had to learn it this way, but overall it’s probably best I did because nothing teaches like experience. Take it from me guys (and, gals) don’t get cocky when you start profiting, and keep at it, cause surer than shit something will fail and you’ll go from making thousands, to nothing, literally overnight.