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Quick Howto – Adding Google+ Authorship Support to your WordPress Blog

Here’s a quick and dirty process for adding google+ support to your wordpress blog.


  1. Setup google+ Account
  2. Add any email addresses you want to your personal or company profiles
  3. Make sure on blog / site that your account is setup for whoever is posting to blog, using email that is on google plus.
  4. Now visit and put in your email address
  5. Wait for verification email and verify you own the email
  6. Go to wordpress, and install the Yoast seo plugin
  7. Configure the G+ options in your profile following this tutorial (
  8. Test your site / blog post by entering it’s url into this site

Most of the original info and more can be found here

How To Create Iframe Reveal / Fan-Gate Tab on Facebook Fan Pages

We’ve all seen them. You go to Facebook, and you hit a page of your favourite band, t-shirt company or whatever it may be and you see a big graphic telling you to click the ‘like’ button before you can view their fan page, or a special offer of some sort.

This is actually a bit of a falsity, as you can clearly click the ‘wall’ on the left and still see the wall of the fan page. However, you cannot post to it, or comment on it, unless you ‘like’ the page. At least from what I have found in my research there is no way to completely hide everything until like is pressed.

That’s okay though, because we can just incentivise the initial graphic the users see, telling them that they’ll receive some sort of coupon or deal or something equally special if they click like. That’s the important part to get fans for our page.

Below we’re going to outline the steps, as with recent changes Facebook have enabled it can get quite confusing finding the right information without digging through multiple documents on the Facebook developer website.

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