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Office 2007 and the Live Office Popup window keeps popping up. Here’s how to remove it.

Have office? Want to get rid of that annoying “have you tried live office yet?” popup, that just doesn’t go away?

Create a new file on your desktop, called “officefix.txt”

Paste this into it;

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Then rename that file to “officefix.reg”

Double click it to add it to your registry.

Re-run word, powerpoint, or whatever.

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Just returned from Microsoft Tech Days 2008 in Ottawa

And I got a buttload of free stuff from Tech Days 2008. Including, but not limited to – a Microsoft sticker, a cool toque, a spoon that also functions as a pen, a technet 6 month subscription, tech ed dvd sets, vs pro 2008, expression web, and a bunch of demo software. All in all it was a great day, but, I didn’t like the fact that it started at like 7:30 am, way too early for geeky people.

Here’s a picture of the free stuff

tech crunch techdays 2008 o

Illustrator or Photoshop “Unknown Error” when saving or can’t use type tool. Fixed!

No thanks to Adobe, even after numerous complaints going all the way back to Creative Suite 1, if you have a bad font on your system, you may have issues saving as an .ai in Illustrator. You’ll get the dreaded “an unknown error has occured”.

If you disable PDF compatibility, it will save, but that’s not good enough!

You may also have a problem in Photoshop, where whenever you try and type on the canvas, it says an unknown error has occured in the font rendering engine or something to that effect. Again, similar error, stupid Adobe.

Turns out if you go to your fonts directory, hit CTRL-A to select all items, then go to the file menu, “copy fonts to” and select a folder on your desktop. Copy all the fonts to this folder, wait till it’s done.

Now go ahead and download a free trial of Font Agent for Windows. And let it analyze all your fonts. It will tell you which fonts are bad.

Go back to your windows font directory, delete the bad fonts. Restart Photoshop, or illustrator, and you should be able to save again.

This comes after probably 6 hours of trying different fixes with the transparancy settings, the font cache, font .lst files, adobe presets deleting, app setttings deleting, etc this is the only thing that fixed it.

Maybe it’d be nice if Adobe included a little “verify my fonts” checkbox and alerted us to bad fonts. That’d probably be too easy though.