Top Tips to Enjoy Budget Backpacker Travel

Everyone wants to get more value out of their travels but do you know that there’s one way to travel in a chic and cheap way? Try budget backpacker travel! Read through and learn how to cut your trip costs without cutting the corners, whether you are planning to relax at the beach or finding some dollar-friendly destinations. Here are some of the most useful travel tips to help keep you on the road despite your tight budget.

1. Travel Locally

Why is it that most people never consider being a local tourist? Your own country has a lot to offer and since the dollar isn’t so mighty these days, it is a good idea to look for a travel inspiration closer to your home. Consider visiting a local amusement park or a historic site. Check your regional websites or local newspapers for cool weekend events and fairs and surely you will get a lot of ideas!

2. Jump-off cities

There are several cities in many countries around the world that are called jump-off cities. This means that you can go to two destinations in one route. This is a perfect budget backpacker travel way because you can enjoy two cities at a cost of one.

3. Use Regional Instead of International Airports

There are a lot of low-cost airlines that service regional airports located near large cities. This may be a little inconvenient but surely, these airports can put back some significant amount in your pocket.

4. Home Rentals and Apartment for Accommodation

Accommodation shares a greater part of your travel budget so if you really want to have a budget backpacker travel, you’d better rent an apartment or home rental to save a lot. You can find home rentals online. Browse through different apartment listings and choose the one that suits your taste and style.

5. Take Advantage of Budget Hotels

In the past, budget hotels were really cheap not only in price but also in style but budget hotels nowadays have gone through a lot of improvements. In fact, most of them now offer great facilities and amenities that can easily rival any mid-range hotel or even luxury inns. Why spend a fortune in 5-star hotels when you can save a lot in these new and improved budget hotels?

6. Avoid Hidden Costs

Do not be fooled by the room rate because for sure, there will be extra charges on your hotel bill. Included in the hidden costs are room charge, sales tax, tourism/occupancy tax, local city tax, internet service and even local newspaper delivery. To avoid all these hidden charges, ask the receptionist for all the fees that are associated with the room.

7. Travel with Your Family and Friends to Split the Cost

Two is better than one and as they say, the more the merrier and – the cheaper! Plan a group trip and split the costs so as to have significant savings. This is the easiest way to have budget backpacker travel.

8. Research Well!

Among all the budget backpacker travel tips you can get, knowing all the necessary information you need is the most important because it is only through enough information that you can set the budget you need for your trip.

There are a lot of ways on how you can have a budget backpacker travel without sacrificing the quality of vacation you need. Know more about these ways and for sure, you’ll have a trip as wonderful as a luxurious one.

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