Thinking of new markets? Here’s a list of the biggest networks in India.

Many people think “hey, lets just advertise to North America” well, I’m here to tell you that SURPRISE there’s other countries in the world. They have populations that are just as willing to spend money. Most likely on different things (US people love to lose weight with ACAI for instance, but Indian people love ringtones). The deciding factor is ultimately if they are equally as willing to spend or submit that email address. My bet? They are.

Today has an article listing all of the available ad networks in India that you can use to turn a profit online. So use them to your advantage if you feel like dabbling in other countries.

  • Komli / Pubmatic
    Blind Network, focuses on International publishers who have Indian audience (as well as Indian publishers)
    Funding: $7mn from DFJ and Nexus India.
    Type: CPM (primarily) as well Performance based.
  • Tyroo
    Claims more than 2.5 billion high quality impressions served per month.
    Funding: Invesment by Y! India.
    Type: CPM.
  • dgm India
    Subsidiary of Deal Group Media, DGM India is into Affiliate Marketing – mainly CPA, PPC.
  • Ozone Media
    Ozone Media has over 100 network websites as its partners in a revenue sharing model. The company also claims more than 40 clients including companies across diverse sectors such as HSBC, SBI, Yahoo!, Lenovo, Cleartrip and Citibank.
    Funding: $4mn from IDG Ventures
  • Networkplay
    Funding: Goosefish media ventures and Capital 18
    Type: Currently focused on travel and women verticals.
  • Paypod
    Type: CPC, CPM and CPA.
  • IndiAds
    Targeted towards the Indian and South Asian online community – delivers 800 million ads per month to Indians and South-Asians living in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • Axill (Social Media Exchange)
    Part of SMX, a media company and offers flat CPMs as well as revenue sharing.
    Type: CPM, CPA
  • Integrid
    Provides a one-stop shop that delivers integrated media solutions, allowing advertisers a single point for all their media requirements (online/TV/OOH)
    Type: CPM
  • AdMagnet
    Part of Interactive Avenues Marketing Solutions, AdMagnet’s offerings include Media (planning and buying), Campaign Management, Search (SEM and SEO), Web Design & Creatives, and Interactive Marketing.
  • AdChakra
    Adchakra provides display targeted advertising across branded and quality vertical and regional sites in India and abroad
    Type: CPM.
  • Tonictag
    Helps advertisers reach out to Resident Indian (RI) as well as Non Resident Indian audiences (NRI) worldwide.
    Type:CPM, as well as Performance.
  • Rupizads
    Type: Pay-per-performance, claims inventory of 7.2 billions impressions per month across 28 of highly-popular web properties.

Apart from these ad networks, few publishers have launched their own ad networks (e.g. guruji, ibibo,reliance).

A few regional ad networks exists (like Sulekha), and the network that leads the race is of course, Google with it’s adwords/adsense offering.

Other international players in this business includes TribalFusion (Site rep) and the recently launched FoxNetworks, News corp’s ad network.

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