The 10 Important Things You Should Not Forget When You Travel

The thought of traveling is really exciting but comes with the excitement are the hassles of traveling especially when you are already preparing for your trip. Just when you thought you’ve prepared everything, there will always be a thing or two that is often missed and the worst thing is that the thing you forgot is very important for your trip. So to help you avoid the inconvenience of forgetting something in your next travel, here are the 10 important things you should pack first when you start packing for your trip abroad:

1. Your Passport
Passport is very important especially when traveling abroad however, the irony here is that because it is very important, some travelers think they have already secured it when they actually haven’t and this is when the big inconvenience comes into play. Before leaving your room or your hotel room, check all possible places, cabinets or drawers where you could have kept your passport. If it’s not there, then for sure you have already it in your luggage.

2. Your Ticket
Like the passport, ticket is very important to carry out your travel plans. Without it, you only have two choices – cancel your trip or buy another one which is definitely inconvenient and expensive. So before leaving, make sure that you already have your ticket with you.

3. Money/ ATM Cards/ Credit Cards
Yes you have your passport and your ticket and you are already in your destination and you just found out that your purse or wallet isn’t in your luggage. Do you think you can enjoy your travel? Definitely not! Remember, there are three important things you should secure before leaving your home – ticket, passport, money! When you have all these three things, forget everything and it doesn’t really matter because your travel will go on when you have these three.

4. Digital Camera
It’s not enough to treasure special memories and moments in your mind. This is the reason why your digital camera is invaluable as a traveling companion. It is such a great tool to remind you of your wonderful experience and of course to show others that once, you have been to a very special place.

5. Laptop
Like your digital camera, your laptop or notebook is also invaluable when you are traveling. With your laptop with you, you can easily locate important and special places that you should visit. Moreover, you can also easily get in touch with your family and friends as well as with important offices in case any problem occurs.

6. Mobile Phone
As with your digital camera and laptop, a mobile phone is an important tool for any modern traveler. You don’t plan to take your laptop with you everywhere you go right? Just treat your mobile phone as an alternative for your laptop when you are on the go.

7. Spare Shirt
It could really be a hassle to travel with all your clothes with you that is why a spare shirt will do. With just your shirt on plus another shirt, you can last for days in your travel destination. All you need is to wash the shirt you were wearing and change it with your spare. Do the same for the next day. However, this doesn’t really work for those who are meticulous and fashionable because they definitely won’t last a three-day trip or more with just two shirts on their luggage. If you are one of them, ignore this tip.

8. Spare Underwear
Just like your shirt, spare underwear will do just as long as you make sure to wash the other right after changing.

9. Travel Toothbrush and Toothpaste
While you can always buy a new toothbrush and toothpaste anywhere you go, it is still very convenient that you have one in your luggage.

10. Your Travel Guide
You definitely don’t want to go to an unfamiliar place without any guide to help you right? This is the reason why travel guides are proven to be very useful for travelers traveling to a totally new place. As much as possible, you want to make the most out of your trip.

There you go – the 10 important things you should not forget on your next travel. Of course, there are other things that you may need depending on the kind of trip you have but no matter what kind of trip you plan to have, make sure you have the 10 things mentioned above.

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