My Little Howto for Polycom IP500 Ringtones

First I scoured the internet for as many cool ringtones I could think of
that my users would get a kick out of and play with on their lunch-hours.

Note that I’m not sure of copyright on all of these, so use them at your
own risk.

Ringtone files must match the following criteria:
– Bit Rate 64kbps
– Audio Sample Size 8bit
– Channels 1 (mono)
– Audio Sample Rate 8 kHz
– Audio Format CCIT u-Law
– Less than 300k in size

To find all this information out in windows, select the file and right click, go to
properties, then view the general properties for the file size, and the summary
for the audio information.

The audio files can be converted using a combination of Audacity and Windows Sound Recorder

I went into the sip.cfg on my ftp server, and found the following lines

sampled_audio saf.1=”SoundPointIPWelcome.wav” saf.2=””
saf.3=”” saf.4=”” saf.5=””
saf.6=”” saf.7=”” saf.8=””
saf.9=”” saf.10=”” saf.11=””
saf.12=”” saf.13=”” saf.14=””
saf.15=”” saf.16=”” saf.17=””
saf.18=”” saf.19=”” saf.20=””
saf.21=”” saf.22=”” saf.23=”” saf.24=””

and changed them to add my ringtone selection.

sampled_audio saf.1=”SoundPointIPWelcome.wav” saf.2=”macgyver_theme_song.wav” saf.3=”dr_who_theme.wav” saf.4=”twilight_zone_short.wav” saf.5=”inspector_gadget_theme.wav” saf.6=”the_ateam_theme.wav” saf.7=”benny_hill_theme.wav” saf.8=”james_bond_theme.wav” saf.9=”mission_impossible_theme.wav” saf.10=”airwolf_theme.wav” saf.11=”night_court_theme.wav”
saf.12=”knight_rider_theme.wav” saf.13=”twilight_zone_full.wav” saf.14=”” saf.15=”” saf.16=”” saf.17=”” saf.18=”” saf.19=”” saf.20=”” saf.21=”” saf.22=”” saf.23=”” saf.24=””

then i copied all the wav files to the home ftp directory, and
made sure they were owned by the polycom user

# mv /tmp/*.wav /home/ip500
# chown ip500:users /home/ip500/*.wav

Reboot your phone and you should see them in your list of ringtones!

To download my sample ringtone files:

Here’s a list of pretty annoying hold music for your IVR’s – stolen from asterisk-users :)

Annie Lennox: Waiting in Vain
Eurythmics: When Tomorrow Comes
Moody Blues: Go Now
PSB: Saturday Night Forever
Pink Floyd: Time
Tom Robinson: The Frozen Man
Eurythmics: Forever
Rolling Stones: Time Is On My Side
Tommy Tutone – 867 5309
Kim Wilde – 36580
Blondie: Hanging on the Telephone
ELO: Telephone Line
Empire Records – Money (that’s what I want)
Pink Floyd: Money
Blondie: Call Me
ELO: Ma Ma Ma Belle
Lesley Gore: Sunshine and Lollipops

And as background on the voice menus:

Backman-Turner Overdrive: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
Queen: I Want to Break Free
Divine Comedy: The Certainty of Chance
B-52’s: 6068-842
Tom Robinson: 2-4-6-8 Motorway
Queen: I’m going Slightly Mad

Background for annoucements of queue position:

Eurythmics: Would I Lie To You?
Tom Lehrer: New Math

How To Mess With Crappy Customers – Phone Kill Switch

When I worked for this huge corporation at the desktop publisher desk, we used to have this guy who would come in, layout his lunch and use our courtesy phone to conduct business from.

Needless to say, this wasn’t right.

We kept asking him to leave, and he just kept coming back.

Eventually I got tired of it, and decided to do something about it.

Enter, the phone kill switch.

All I did was put a simple toggle switch inline with the phone line going to the courtesy phone.  Cut one of the wires for the phone line, put the switch in between it, then wire it all back up. Very simple, yet hours of fun.

Here’s a close up view of the switch.

Here it is all attached up to the wall.

So when he’d make a call I’d reach down, scratch my leg, and OOPS press the button. And he’d get disconnected.

I swear by the end of it he thought the phone was possessed and never came back!

Try it yourself!