5 Important Things You Won’t Hear from your Travel Agent

The role of travel agents in the lives of travelers is very important because they are the ones who help you make the most out of your trip. However, you should not forget that travel agents get commission for whatever deal they close. This only means that the higher deal they convince you to get, the higher commission they will also get. To say it in a simpler manner, you and other travelers are their bread and butter; thus, it is logical to think that they want to get as much as they can from you and in order to do this, there are some things that they would rather keep secret than lose the chance of closing a better deal with you. So, to help you more with your traveling plans, here are the five important things you will not hear from your travel agent:

1. “There are no cheap flights available for you!”

Your travel agent will definitely say that there are always available cheap flights for you. However, because he wants to close a deal with you, never expect to get the best because no matter what, he will try his best to give you the flight that is cheap for you even though that flight is no longer comfortable, safe and good. So, if you are really after a cheap airfare, seek the help of the Internet because Airline companies consistently reserve the best deals for customers who book through the Internet. Moreover, these airline companies can easily unload all the unsold seats easily, quickly and at a relatively low cost.

2. “I am also using the same website!”

Online ticketing has become so compelling these days that even travel agents are now using the online sites to book the tickets and air flight schedule of their customers. Of course, your travel agent won’t reveal this to you because he has already jacked up the price to gain some profit from you.

3. “I can get commission from this deal!”

Of course, no travel agent would admit this to you. As much as possible, he would like to make you believe that he is there to help you with your travel needs however, if you are a smart client, you should know this. This is the reason why any travel agent has limitless suggestions to give you and he would do this until he knows that the deal is already good enough to give him a good amount of commission.

4. “You don’t need my service!”

With the proliferation of the Internet, many airline companies and hotels are now making it easier for consumers to arrange their travel plans without the assistance of travel agents. This way, the cost of relying on middlemen is cut but your travel agent will never tell this to you.

5. “Do not ever get a travel insurance!”

You have to remember this – anything that travel agents offer their customers always has something in store for them as well. The price of airline ticket, hotel accommodation and even travel insurance always has a certain percentage that goes to the agents.

These are just 5 of the many things that your adventure travel agent will never tell you. There are a lot more! It pays to be smart and wise than just say yes to whatever the travel agents say. Know where and how you can make the most out of your travel plans!

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